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Wiley Law has been around since the 1900's and has built a strong foundation due to the integrity, knowledge, and experience of our attorneys.

As one of the oldest and most respected Wisconsin law firms specializing in all aspects of business law, Wiley Law attorneys provide clients with combined expertise in business & corporate law, estate planning, civil litigation, real estate law, bankruptcy law and probate law.

As business owners face the ever growing and challenging business marketplace, business law attorneys can provide advocacy that is invaluable when protecting and strengthening assets.

The way we approach each situation is intuitive and unique. We know your business is important to you, and our main goal is to provide you with the services and legal counsel that will guide you to make the best possible business decisions based on your distinctive requirements.

Our extensive knowledge base and experience allows us to anticipate and recognize areas of business law that are important to small, midsize and large companies.

When you work with Wiley Law you are working with Wisconsin business law attorneys who are dedicated to preserving and honoring your best interests, just as we preserve and honor our profession. 


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